For me, working with ceramics is an ongoing life of learning and discovering new techniques. The physical and emotional challenges of the clay making process give excitement and inspiration to my work.

In addition to exhibiting my work in galleries, I also show at art festivals throughout the country. My studio and kilns as well as my showroom are located in Emeryville, California.

I work primarily on the potter’s wheel, but also use the extruder and slab roller to create my vase and platter forms. I am known for my altering and facet carving of wheel thrown cylinders. My kilns are fired by natural gas to temperature High Cone 10 reduction as I use classic glazes such as Shino, Tenmoku, Oribe and Celadon.

Most of my inspiration comes from Ikebana flower arranging, particularly the Sogetsu school. I am also a big fan of the old historic potter vases of Japan, Korea, China, and the Pacific Rim.


July 9, 10 Palo Alto Clay and Glass Festival

Studio visits by appointment seven days a week

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